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How can I register at In-Style Fashion?

Click the button at the top right-hand corner of your screen under the search bar to login. Now click “create an account” for creating a new customer account. You can also either create a new private customer account or login to your existing one, with your e-mail-address and password.

What’s the difference between a private customer and a business customer?

In-Style Fashion directs its services exclusively to commercial customers such as retailers and resellers. However, you can also register as a private customer to obtain more information on the In-Stylefashion and Koucla products, as well as on listed retailers. Registration is absolutely free and without obligation. In contrast to business customers, no validation of a business license or sales tax number is required for private customers. As a private customer you also won’t see any prices of our products or purchase them.

What is a trading authorization?

The trading authorization is a proof for us that you are an officially registered commercial customer, retailer or reseller. Without an authorization, you won’t be able to buy any of our products. The type of authorization can vary between different countries. If you are not sure feel free to contact us for an individual checkup.

Why is the VAT identification number required?

The value added tax (VAT) is a tax that taxes the exchange between two parties. The sales tax, often called VAT is basically measured by revenue, which an entrepreneur achieves for his performance. The VAT number is required for intra-Community purchase of goods from one Member State to another. More information can be found at the following link:

Can I order as a private person in In-Stylefashion?

No, as a private customer, you are not able to make any orders. But vou will receive information about retailers in your area, where you can find products from In-stylefashion and further information about our products.


How much are the shipping costs?

Here you will find a detailed list of shipping costs:

What shipping methods are available?

As a shipping method we offer delivery via insured package.

Which company is delivering?

The insured packages are delivered by UPS.

How is the product packaged?

The products are packaged individually in foil and sent all together in a box. Additionally, there is the option to send the products on coat hangers.
In-stylefashion package 

Do you deliver outside of Germany?

Yes we deliver both in EU countries as well as in all other countries outside Germany.

When will I receive my order?

The nation-wide delivery time is 1-2 days and 3-4 days EU countries. For all other countries, we can’t name exact delivery times.

Will I be informed about the date and time of delivery?

No. Tracking delivery is not possible for us.


What payment methods is In-Stylefashion offering?

You can pay for your order by advance payment or PayPal.

What are your bank details?

Claudia Tsorlalis
Sparkasse Karlsruhe
IBAN: DE31660501010022819346 BIC: KARSDE66

Are there any reseller conditions or discounts for larger quantities?

Yes, some products have graduated prices, which vary depending on the product. Discounts are starting at 1000€ commodity value.

Product Information

How do I know if an item is still available?

Please pay attention to the symbols in the matrix of the corresponding product. Green means that the product is still available. Yellow that we only have a limited number of pieces of this product in stock and a red envelope that the product currently isn’t in stock. When clicking on the red envelope you are welcome to leave your email address and you will be immediately informed when the product is available again.

Why am I not seeing prices?

To see prices you have to be logged in. If you do not see prices, you are either not logged in or you are not a business customer of ours. Registered private customers can not see prices.

How often do you get new products?

Approx. once a week. They can be found under the menu item "NEW".
Navigation New 

What does "Complete the Style" mean?

With "Complete the style" you get product suggestions in conjunction with those products you have selected. You can find "Complete the Style" on the right-hand side if you are in a product-detail view.
Complete the Style 

What is “Infinite scroll?”

When this feature is enabled, all products will be displayed below each other. The “Infinite scroll” function is disabled on standard, so you only can see all the other products if you click on the “next” Button.
View with deactivated function
Infinite Scroll deactivated

View with activated function
Infinte Scroll activated 

What does "FILLUP" mean? What products can I find there?

Every 4-5 days, products that were no longer available are refilled. You can find the new refills under this category.
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Ordering process

Do I have to be registered to make an order?

Yes, to order, you must have an account and be able to identify yourself as a commercial customer, with submitting your business license. Private customers and non-logged-ins can not make orders.

Is there a minimum value for ordering?

Yes, the minimum order value is 100 €.

Can I combine multiple orders into one delivery?

Usually this is not possible. Should it happen that, after a few hours, you still want to add something to your order, please contact us about this via email.

Further Questions

• What is Koucla?

Koucla is the private brand of In-Style Fashion. Koucla is designed by our in-house designers.